Monday, May 19, 2008

Life in Singapore

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I had recently shared a glimpse of Life in Singapore with Laxmi through email on 12th May. Laxmi suggested that I post it here on the blog. Do read it and leave your comments. Also, please share your own experiences of the surroundings your are in.

I am back in Delhi tomo after almost 4 months of stay in Singapore. Life had been quite hectic as was managing both kids with an ever busy husband occupied with studies. It is a relief to think of being back in Delhi. I shall be joining work at Apeejay from 12th. Had been missing work for some time as kids kept me indoors majorly.About Singapore, yes you are right. It is pretty regimented and disciplined. It is a 'managed democracy' which has its own virtues generally unseen in our part of the world. It is a developed country and very efficient in delivery of services. There is virtually no dishonesty or corruption in day to day civic life. Imagine taking a taxi without worrying about getting over charged. In fact the drivers return even 5 cents if its due. I had put my daughter in a school nearby and I must admit she gained quite a lot in this limited time. Unlike India, even an average school here delivers for what you pay. But I find that 4 months is too long a period in this tiny state which is smaller than Delhi. Life is a bit monotonous and mechanical. Mornings begin with people rushing to offices with all kinds of gadgets hanging around their body. Mobile phones, ipods, video games and et al. The same kinds of malls sell the same kinds of things. All branded. In fact I used to think that Gurgaon is maddening because of malls. Singapore is worse. The malls here are much bigger and hence more maddening.What I like about Singapore is ease in commuting. It is also gender sensitive. Roads are smooth so strollers don't bump, hence one can take even an one year old child for shopping. When I get in the buses, the drivers get up to help . They will not start the bus unless I am properly seated. If there is rush, co-passengers leave seats for those more needy. This is so amazing. Metros here are very similar to those in Delhi. On alighting, their would always be an alternative to stairs for wheelchairs and strollers. The toilets are neat and clean and within reach. One does not pay for using them.There are additional diaper changing rooms.
But I still think India is more alive and vibrant. And hence a better place to live. So am back tomo :)

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