Thursday, January 17, 2008

Shame: Woman journalist molested by Doctor:

After several cases of women being molested and foreigners being raped, its now a woman journalist who has been molested by a doctor in Mumbai. And this has happened in one of our most liberal cities. What did the doc think that women journos are easy to prey on or can be kissed without much ado.
What a stupid doctor who was also being really shameless. Just goes to show that even an educated man cannot be expected to behave properly and we need to have stringent laws to protect our women.
I ask women journos, infact all journalists and people from the civil society groups to take this up and really see to it that this doctor is not allowed to get away with what he did. A man who does such an act should be put to shame.... maybe dhrana outside his clinic would be a good idea....
What say?

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Harbhajan and racialism: Why the clamour?

If one looked at the media hype on Indians and racialism, it would seem as if we have never been racists ourselves. Though in the case of Bhajji I do feel that if its one's word against the other, then he should be given the benefit of doubt.
But check out the two recent cases, the Bhajji one and the Shipla Shetty case in Big Boss. In both cases India acted as if we have never been racists ourselves.
But ask any African student studying in India and the answer will be that Indian are racists and differentiate on the basis of colour and race.
Also our own caste system also differentiates and its still being practised, despite laws against it.
To be fair, India as a country has all the right rules and our constitution also supports an equal policy. But do we practice it???

Sourav and who?

I saw this photo early in the morning and I was wondering who is this lady in the foreground. The photo caption has no mention of it.
It is objectionable and serves no purpose.

What say?

See the link below how it appears in the paper.
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Monday, January 7, 2008

About Bhutto dynasty and sub continent politics

So now we are moving friends.
I am going to write about the Benazir Bhutto tradegy. I think,as do most people, that it was a terrible tradegy that Benazir was killed. Its a tradegy for her family, also for her party and also for the people of Pakistan. But I have serious reservations about dynasty politics. What is it about the sub continent and the continance of dynasty politics. With Benazir's death now its Bilawal Zardari, all ready with his new name Bilawal Bhutto Zardari. Really, we don't seem to understand the whole thing about democracy.
Ditto in India, we just can' seem to have an alternative in the Congress party besides the Gandhi family, then there is the Scindia family and the Sheikhs in J&K, Karunandhi and Stalin in TN and so and and so forth. Its an all party phenomenon and the sub continent revels in it. Though the phenomenon is not restricted to Asian countries only as even the US has examples of political dynasties with George Bush and the Clintons the current families in news.
Wonder what others have to say about it.


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