Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Harbhajan and racialism: Why the clamour?

If one looked at the media hype on Indians and racialism, it would seem as if we have never been racists ourselves. Though in the case of Bhajji I do feel that if its one's word against the other, then he should be given the benefit of doubt.
But check out the two recent cases, the Bhajji one and the Shipla Shetty case in Big Boss. In both cases India acted as if we have never been racists ourselves.
But ask any African student studying in India and the answer will be that Indian are racists and differentiate on the basis of colour and race.
Also our own caste system also differentiates and its still being practised, despite laws against it.
To be fair, India as a country has all the right rules and our constitution also supports an equal policy. But do we practice it???

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Rita said...

Indeed the caste system was based on colour. 'Varna' means color. Look at our matrimonial columns and our penchant for skin whitening creams. Perhaps the only difference is that India's racism comes from a deep rooted inferiority complex -- which is perhaps what makes it more difficult for us to even admit to it.