Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Sourav and who?

I saw this photo early in the morning and I was wondering who is this lady in the foreground. The photo caption has no mention of it.
It is objectionable and serves no purpose.

What say?

See the link below how it appears in the paper.
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journolady said...

Actually I think is a good picture. Though the two are not together the picture gives that impression. I am particularly amused that Saurav Ganguly who has been linked with Nagma earlier is walking without giving the skimpily dressed girl a glance, as if there is no one standing so close to him. I find his minding-my-own-business look really interesting.

sweta said...

Yes it is a good picture, but out of context. You do not need a woman, skimply dressed or otherwise,in the front to establish man(Sourav) minding his own business. I am sure the same can be established without the woman.