Thursday, January 17, 2008

Shame: Woman journalist molested by Doctor:

After several cases of women being molested and foreigners being raped, its now a woman journalist who has been molested by a doctor in Mumbai. And this has happened in one of our most liberal cities. What did the doc think that women journos are easy to prey on or can be kissed without much ado.
What a stupid doctor who was also being really shameless. Just goes to show that even an educated man cannot be expected to behave properly and we need to have stringent laws to protect our women.
I ask women journos, infact all journalists and people from the civil society groups to take this up and really see to it that this doctor is not allowed to get away with what he did. A man who does such an act should be put to shame.... maybe dhrana outside his clinic would be a good idea....
What say?

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